Valhalla gets his day as derby winner in the $15,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby in our first week showing in Florida!


 Super horse Kensi comes out of the Children’s Hunter ring for the day at Aiken and wins the $10,000 USHJA International Derby with double base scores of 89!! Not far behind was Clarina jumping her heart out to 3rd place!


Congratulations Katharine Ellis and Kensi on finishing 12th in the NAL Children’s Hunter Finals!!


Many winners at Old Salem! Oasis alumni Katie L'Heureux returns in style and lands two championships on her own Legitimo in the Adult Jumpers and and Tottenham in the Adult Hunters!


After a month in Traverse City we are sad to go home! Double NAL classic winners for the Ellis girls, multiple tri-colors across the board, and a fun time with superstar Taylor Cawley and young Franklin! 


Aiken is a success! So Fun and Clarina finish in the top six in the National Derby with Kristy, and Valhalla and Kate are 9th in their first derby together!

Katharine rounds out the week with a clean sweep in the Children's Hunters on Kensi! 


Kate Ellis doesn't miss a beat after a five month hiatus from the show ring and finishes her first week at WEF with the championship in the Older Adult Hunters with Valhalla!


Katharine keeps her winning ways in the Children's Hunters, this time on So Fun! 


Carousel is reserve champion in his first USHJA International Derby! 


Katharine and Kensi finish off the year as ESP Holiday Circuit Champions in the 14 and under Children’s Hunters!


Valhalla scores three top three USHJA National Derby ribbons in a row with Kristy!